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Four Teams within Softjourn have been busy working on Developing an Application for Mobile Phones!

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Last week representatives from four groups, working on a Mobile Phone application, presented phase one of their results to an audience of Softjourn employees.

Softjourn management devised a contest to develop a mobile phone application, to further develop Softjourn’s skills in the mobile arena. Participation on a team was strictly voluntary and work was to take place only during off hours (This could include vacation time. One team member did take his vacation during this first phase of the contest, and then subsequently spent all of his time at the office anyway!). 

Will we ever see an iphone app!

The application: The application to be developed was a secure Address Book which would enable Smartphone owners to secure their private data and to enable them to set specific rules for different types of contacts.  Specific features included:

Will we see an iPhone solution?

  • Protected contacts, invisible without authentication,
  • Use of a Nick Name instead of real personal info during calls or the receipt of text messages,
  • Ability to manage profiles (silent, general, etc.) personally for individual contacts or groups,
  • Setup the rules for incoming or outgoing calls and text messages for individual contacts or groups related to the following criteria:

Time period
Location of cell phone user
Calendar events
Protected calls and sms logs

For example if a husband always wanted to receive calls from his wife, even if the status on his phone was set to busy, those calls may go through, but calls from his bank may not go through, based on the profile of each contact. Not surprising, the idea for the application came from a real world need from Softjourn’s Director in Ukraine, Sergiy Fitsak.

Project Organization: Each team choose which OS they wished to work with: Google Android, Symbian, iPhone or Windows Mobile. Teams could consist of one or more persons depending on the interest in the operating system. Perhaps due to its newness, the Google Android team attracted 5 team members.

Project Phases: It was planned that the project would be run in at least two phases. Phase I ended after six weeks, at which time the teams were to report their status at that time, and define their next steps. Each of the team presentations and results were judged by a secret panel. The teams were judged on such criteria as, the level of effort to date – did they reach demo stage or not, how they presented the strengths and weaknesses of the particular operating system versus the competition, level of technical knowledge of how to develop on the particular OS, the ease of understanding their presentation by non-technical folks, and the outline for the next steps. All the teams did a great job but only one team could win this first phase and that winning team was the Google Android team! The Symbian team took the silver.
Taras presenting from the winning Android team! The Android winning team!

The next phase of the contest involves the development of a prototype solution.  Will keep you posted on the status of this internal Softjourn project!

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