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I have a dream! Or at least an idea!

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Question:  I have an idea for a new business, and I need a software application built to provide my new service, but we need to move fast.  Can we really build this  with a remote software development team?  Especially a software development team in Ukraine?

Answer:  Today VC’s would tell you that you should be able to get all the talent you need locally. That may be the case depending on what type of skills you need, and it certainly will really help if you have received a very good sum of investment.  However, for most would be entrepreneurs this is not the case, so are they out of luck if they can’t find the help they need locally?

Indeed they are not out of luck!  It is very possible to build a new company using a remote team and have your software application built by people working in Oregon, or South Africa or Ukraine, or anywhere else around the world. What is needed most is the willingness to make it work; on the part of the entrepreneur and on the side of the company or persons who are building the software application. Is everyone on board with making it a success.   

To get started:  When you are looking to bring your idea to fruition, in the early stage you, as the entrepreneur, may be in need of a version of your software to give potential investors a chance to get excited about the app, or to get potential clients onboard as early adopters (and earlier payers!). In other words you may need a prototype showing just enough to get the target audience interested. At this point you can work with a company or persons  who can help you to determine what is that minimum you need to show, and how it can be done quickly so you can get on your way.  This type of collaboration can certainly be done online, via tools and even what may seem outmoded to some…..the telephone (or whatever voice communication tool you may like to use). The important thing to remember is that a prototype is not everything that you want to put in your product, it is those key items that you need to show only. The key functions also do not have to “fully” work.  Many functions can be “forced” to work in the background and just give the appearance of working. Why fully develop alot of features only to find out they are not really what potential clients will want. 

With your prototype you can then receive validation by potential customers and users and certainly alot of feedback about what they would like to see in the product, and hopefully signed contracts or agreements to buy as well! At this point you may also be talking with investors who will need technical details about how your final application will be built, the cost to support and how it will be supported when the full version is up and running.  You may also have potential clients who need this type of reassurance as well. Your partner company or persons building your application can certainly provide this type of support no matter where they are in the world. Hopping on a conference call as needed. 

With hard work by the entrepreneur and the remote person/s working with him or her, and a bit of luck that every entrepreneur needs, after validation potential clients and investors you can work with your remote team, which is now experienced with your idea and its direction, to build your alpha version and the beta versions of your product.


1.  Remember the most important aspect to making it work as an entrepreneur with a remote software development team, is the desire to make it work! 

2.  Pick a team or persons who are used to working remotely, used to working with entrepreneurs and can help you to decide what needs to go in to a prototype, what can be put off until an alpha version, etc. Then ongoing what do you need to support your application during the various stages of company development.

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