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How Communication Eliminates Nightmares During Software Development Projects

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Entrusting the development of a web-based application to a software services company, with their programmers located outside your home country, can be a fearful proposition. The application needs to be right, the code needs to be flawless, and the vision for the final product needs to be executed properly. But equally important is the provider’s ability to keep the client comfortable and confident throughout the development process. This is achieved through making communication and responsiveness a top priority.

Communication should begin from the very first contact with the company. Do they return a sales call? If not, that should raise a red flag. If the company doesn’t respond to a client when they are seeking service, there can be little confidence that the company will respond to questions or ideas about the product they are developing.

The goal of communication for a software services provider is to make the client feel like a partner in the process. It should eliminate the guesswork and focus on what the final product will look like and how it will function. In some instances, a vendor relationship, where the client asks for something and the product is simply delivered, may be all a client needs. But when a new and unique application is required, the client needs to feel invested in the development process, and they need to feel like a partner in that process.

When a client pays for the expertise of software developers, they want to have input into the process. They need their provider to be responsive and to tell them when ideas don’t make sense or when there is a better solution to a problem. The goal of the services provider should be to make development a collaborative process with the client and allow for fine-tuning throughout development. This sort of constant interaction ensures that there are no surprises when the final product is delivered.

Softjourn approaches communication with its clients with unconditional responsiveness. Phone calls and emails are always acknowledged and returned. Softjourn prides itself on making the customer feel important in the development process, because they are. The client is the person or company that has the vision about what they want from the project and it takes constant communication to fully grasp the goals they have for their tools and software. Ultimately, the better the communication and responsiveness, the better the final product will be.

There is little debate that remote software development is a viable and cost-effective way to get development work done. Typically, hiring equivalent talent and expertise in-house can be expensive and superfluous. But the provider should provide more than mere execution; they need to communicate and collaborate with the client to make the best of everyone’s expertise: the developers’ expertise in creating applications and the client’s expertise about the tools they need for their business.

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