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Softjourn at FinDEVr

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Softjourn has visited FinDEVr conference on the 18th and 19th of October in Santa Clara, CA., which was focused on the tech side of new directions in FinTech.

The event showcased the latest tools, platforms and case studies from the technology side of fintech to hundreds of fintech developers, VPs of engineering, and CTOs.

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While there were many topics of conversation, there were a few trends that stuck out:

– Know your Customer (KYC) – Companies like Alloy which fights false positives which can cause a service to lose revenue by rejecting good potential customers. KYC and Anti-Money Laundering rules (AML) compliance means every service has to be careful but the flexibility of tools like Alloy’s means a service can easily customize their own rules for verifying the identity when onboarding customers. Loved their dashboard.

– Blockchain – yet again, or still. A popular topic, but this time it seemed that more emphasis was on private network use cases than public. The IBM presentation, w/ “Implementation of Hyperledger Project at IBM Blockchain as a service” by Stefania Kaczmarczyk, proved very popular, as well as PwC’s Blockchain on Wednesday. A well-known uses case for Blockchain, Know your Customer, was also demonstrated by an Australian/Irish firm, Kyckr, which has developed a private Identity blockchain for corporate identity.

– API’s – Given that this was FinDEVr, the order of the day was to at least add something “technical” to your presentation, and very often that involved showing a services API’s, and how easy it was to integrate to them. Company’s like Tango Card presented their Rewards as a Service API. In addition to those API’s however, open API’s for financial institutions was still a topic.

– Predictive analysis – Established company in this market, Envestnet/Yodlee, presented their predictive analysis to provide more robust personal financial information. A surprise at the end of Day 2, Wootrader showcased its predictive analysis that assists everyone with making better stock trades, and it also featured the youngest presenter, its 18 year old co-founder!

As usual there was a lot to learn. Best in class awards were given out, based on attendee voting via Bizzabo, check out the winners!

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