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While the various mobile dev camps, from the exclusively HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 mobile Websters and the native code purists, to the hybrid mobile app fans, argue over which approach is better, the reality is that businesses simply need mobile applications that work for their employees, business partners and customers. And some companies have started looking more in a different direction – low-code and no-code mobile development tools.

At Softjourn, we’ve seen the evolution of cross-platform apps that have “learned” to do more and over a few years (see for instance, Xamarin – a great fit for some apps, It seems we are still comparing. Do we use PhoneGap or Titanium?). But what about the low/no code approach? Is it possible to build an app with no coding?

Today, we’re looking at a few mobile app development frameworks to understand if this is the next big thing to mobile app development. Not long ago, we heard from one of our customers that they were looking at Appmachine to create a video live-streaming app similar to, so we decided to look at that tool. In addition, we looked at BuildFire and iBuildApp to test what the three products can do.

Here is a quick overview of all three: LOW-CODE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS: “APPMAKERS” VS NATIVE?

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