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Barcode Scanner Development

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When one of our customers, a Box Office Ticketing Company, approached us about developing a barcode reader for the iPod Touch, we partnered with Infinite Peripherals to develop the device. Using just an iPod Touch and a Linea-Pro Scanner from Infinite Peripherals, the solution allows quick ticket scanning at concerts and events.

A number of events (think of sporting events or a concert tour) use online and printed ticketing solutions that require a venue to accept tickets in multiple, changing locations. Developing a barcode scanner for an iPod Touch opened up a whole new world of possibilities for our customer.  By taking advantage of mobile devices, our customer introduced a new level of convenience to both event goers and venue employees checking tickets at the door, and not to mention they added the “cool” factor to the ticket taking process.

During development, we broke down the project into two phases:

Phase One: The user experience + ticketing software integration:

We developed the main functionality of the barcode scanning app which included having a master list of events with the dates of performances, scanning for a selected event, and programming scan in/scan out options (which included data displays alerting ticket takers to VIPs, groups and those with special needs).

Phase One also included the development of the web services, enabling the interaction between the mobile app and the client’s main ticketing solution.


Phase Two: Additional functionality:

In the second phase, our programmers expanded the basic functionality of the device from manual scanning alone to offer new search features, such as searching by name in the case of a group ticket purchase and searching by order or ticket number.

The search function also lets a ticket taker search via a credit card number, enabling customers to simply swipe their credit card in order to be let in to an event, rather than having to show a ticket.

Each new layer of functionality added to the value we brought to our customer and more importantly to the value they brought to their customers.

Using iPhone OS, Objective C programming language, Cocoa Touch Framework and SOAP web service, the new barcode scanning app exceeded all of our customers’ needs.  It provided the necessary access at mobile venues and went on to provide detailed information to event ticket takers in the form of a compact, easily usable and fun device. To see the scanner in action, check out our partner’s website here!

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