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Is Open Source Software Safe For Online Payment Processing Solutions?

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When eWeek released a slideshow entitled “Ten Reasons Not To Buy Open Source”, the presentation was quickly refuted in another eWeek article, knocking down every point that argued against open source software.

Point number one in the counter presentation: open source software is safe – safer than proprietary solutions, such as Microsoft, which are often rife with security loopholes (noting of course that it does depend a lot on how the application is built).

Hundreds of security and financial transaction applications have been built using open source development tools and frameworks, and supported by open source operating systems, application servers and web servers.

Modern, cost-effective online payment processing solutions for merchants

Case-in-point: startup company Noca, a California-based firm, has developed an innovative online payment processing solution that enables merchants to start accepting payments online right away and avoid the high fees of credit and debit card processing systems by offering a new type of electronic checking solution.

Offering near instantaneous approvals of merchant accounts, the Noca system avoids the pitfalls of traditional e-check systems by offering identify and account verification services as an online, in stream process.

This is ideal for merchants who were previously skittish about using an electronic checking system due to the inability to automatically and instantaneously verify a payer’s identity.

Help developing a testing environment

To get their new service off the ground, Noca needed to develop a comprehensive testing environment to allow potential merchant customers to test out the system before committing to the service.

The project required deep knowledge of several open source development tools and frameworks, and detailed coordination of several intricate pieces that comprised the complete system.

For example, Noca needed to:

  • Develop and integrate credit card processing
  • Develop a plug-in for Ubercart ecommerce shopping cart
  • Set up complex email processes, with specific event handlers using an upgraded email system
  • Improve their notification system
  • Modify their marketplace functionality
  • Develop security features such as the use of PIN numbers

Noca decided to turn to Softjourn, which specializes in developing financial transaction applications, front-end development, and open-source software.

Complete secure open source solution

Using tools such as an open source application server, Dojo and Eclipse development frameworks, Drools business rules management system, and other open source web service frameworks, Softjourn developed a complete testing environment for Noca.

Noca’s CEO PJ Gupta was so pleased with the work our partner did they decided to extend their assignment to work on core payment processing applications.

“I have been very pleased with the work that Softjourn has done to assist us in getting our testing environment in place for our clients, and I look forward to continue to work with the team!” Said Gupta.

So is open source secure?

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, having hundreds if not thousands of developers worldwide helping to make open source development tools and platforms secure makes open source a more viable solution than proprietary technologies.

cutting-edge online payment processing company Noca is betting its whole business model on open source software.

But if you want to build your financial application with open source software, and get it right the first time, contact Accelerance, and we can arrange for an interview with Softjourn who specializes in developing open source financial applications for some of the most demanding financial services firms today.

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